Gut and Oral Microbiome in Immuno-compromised Hosts

My postdoctoral research explored the dynamics between colonizing and infectious MDRO and commensal bacteria within the gut and oral microbiome. One main focus has been the study of the oral and gut microbiomes and mycobiomes in immunocompromised hosts, primarily liver transplant recipients and people living with HIV. Through 16S rRNA, ITS, and metagenomic sequencing, we linked clinically relevant patient outcomes with changes in the gut or oral micro- and myco-bial structure and diversity. We also identified specific microbiome characteristics which enable colonization and infection by or clearance of MDRO, a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients.

Medini K. Annavajhala, Ph.D.

My research interests include multidrug-resistance in bacteria and relationships between pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms in human and environmental systems.